Eight wonders of the brewing world

Fuller’s is home to Britain’s best-selling ales - but we’re well aware that great beer doesn’t just start and stop at the Griffin Brewery gates. There are some wonderfully exciting brews being created all over the globe - and as bona fide beer lovers, it’s in our nature to share them with you.

That’s why we’re now importing a few of our favourite world beers and bringing them to a pub near you. No need to go off travelling to discover these eight wonders of the world – do all your exploring from the comfort of your local.

Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada is America’s original craft beer, brewed since 1979 – and despite the plethora of craft ales emerging on both sides of the Atlantic, it remains as good an example of the art as there is.

The iconic beer in the range is Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, a hoppy, 5.6% ABV classic with distinctive aromas of pine and grapefruit. 

Sierra Nevada Torpedo is pretty special too, brewed using a revolutionary dry-hopping device that adds hop aroma without influencing the beer’s bitterness.

A brewer after our own hearts, Sierra Nevada also produces a popular Porter – and we’re the exclusive distributor of all three ales here in the UK.


Chimay is a Belgian beer brewed within the walls of Scourmont Abbey, a Trappist monastery in Hainaut, Belgium. Originally, it was brewed by the monks and reserved solely for members of the monastic community – until a brewery was established in 1862 and the beer was eventually released to the wider public.

The brewery’s signature beer is the light and refreshing Chimay Gold (4.8% ABV), but there’s also the strong 9% ABV Chimay Blue (rich and dark, with caramel notes), Chimay Triple (a fruity beer, almost as strong at 8% ABV) and Chimay Red Cap (smooth and gently bitter, brewed to 7% ABV).

Veltins Pilsener

Now one of Germany’s best-selling beer producers, Veltins initially started out in 1824 as a small guesthouse brewery.

At the heart of its success has been Veltins Pilsener – a refreshing, 4.8% ABV beer once voted the World’s Best Pilsener. It is brewed using natural spring water from Veltins’ own mountain, and boasts a delicate, clean palate, slight bitterness and gentle hints of citrus.