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A tropical spring seasonal

Say G’day to Southern Star

Introduced to Fuller’s seasonal stable in 2017, Southern Star is a golden spring ale inspired by the land down under. The particular star in question is the Australian ‘Ella’ hop - bringing its luscious tropical touch to a Fuller’s ale for the first time…

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A brave new world

By the time the fresh green hop shoots of spring start to appear on the bines here in England, it’s already harvesting season in Australia - so a new-world hop variety made perfect sense for our new spring seasonal.

Ella won the day, with her sweet passion fruit, pineapple and melon notes providing the perfect balance to a biscuity base.

Tropical Fruit

Brewer's Notes

Southern Star contains Pale Ale malt and Caragold, creating a malty golden ale with a balanced biscuit sweetness. This is then offset with Ella hops from Australia bringing tropical fruit flavours to the fore

Taste profile

Tropical hop notes
Tropical fruit, biscuit sweetness

Raise a glass

We’re all for keeping it in the family, here at Fuller’s. Ella is the sister hop of Galaxy, used to great effect in our ruby ale, Montana Red.

Food Pairing

Southern Star and Macaroni Cheese

Delivering big tropical fruit flavours with a biscuity backbone, Southern Star is a golden ale carrying enough oomph to stand up to the strong flavours of the dish. Its fruity character will complement similar fruit flavours in the cheese and the carbonation will cut through the denseness.

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  • Water
  • Ale Yeast
  • Malts: Caragold, Pale
  • Hops: Ella,

Energy (Kcal)
Energy (KJ)
Protein (g)
Carbohydrates (g)
Bitterness (IBU)
This product contains Malted Barley

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