Light, refreshing English bitter

Get on board with Seafarers Ale

Launched in support of the UK’s leading maritime charity, Gales Seafarers made its maiden voyage in 2005. A crisp, light and quenching amber ale, it continues to be the easiest, most refreshing charity work you’ll ever do.

Smooth sailing

Seafarers is brewed with a blend of finest-quality English malt, famous Gales yeast and the aptly named Admiral hop. At 3.6% ABV, it’s a superb, sessionable drop - perfect for a pint or two with your shipmates.

Seafarers Brewers image

Brewer's Notes

Faintly fruity on the nose, this light amber beer sails a steady course through well-developed malt character towards a satisfying, hoppy finish. The Gales yeast brings out soft fruit flavours, while the hops impart a zesty, spicy quality to the brew.

  • CAMRA Champion Beer of Britain Bronze(Joint), 2012

Taste profile

Malt and hops
Balanced malt, clean and hoppy

Raise a glass

Pulling our weight for a great cause, we donate money from every pint of Seafarers to the charity of the same name. Since its launch, sales of the brew have helped to raise more than £100,000 for Seafarers UK and the sailors they support.

Food Pairing

Hail a Caesar salad with our balanced Seafarers

Chicken Caesar salad: The fruity sweet character will complement the chicken and parmesan cheese. A tawny coloured beer that offers the perfect balance between bitterness and sweetness. The gentle carbonation and bitterness will cut through the olive oil.


  • Water
  • Ale Yeast
  • Malts: Chocolate, Maris Otter, Pale
  • Hops: Admiral, Fuggles, Goldings, Target


Per 100ml
Energy (Kcal) 32
Energy (KJ) 133.6
Protein (g) 0.26
Carbohydrates (g) 2.47
Bitterness (IBU) 28
ABV 3.6
This product contains Malted Barley

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