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April - May

A rich red ale for spring time

Live the high life with Gales Redwood

The latest branch on our family tree of seasonal ales, Gales Redwood is a red beer that soars in spring time. Every bit as impressive as its natural namesake, the fruity, spicy Redwood is one of the boldest 4% beers you’ll find.

Find It

We export our beers to more than 60 countries worldwide, meaning your favourite bottle, cask or keg is never far away.

Hampshire roots

Gales’ Hampshire heartland is home to some of Britain’s most famous Redwood trees, and they provide the natural inspiration for this spring seasonal. Some of the ingredients, though, come from further afield - with Australian hops contributing fruity flavours and even a spicy kick. There’s bite here as well as bark…

Brewer's Notes

Brewed with pale ale and Imperial malts, Gales Redwood is a forest of biscuity, malty flavour - while sweeter bready notes and deep red colour come from the addition of rye crystal. Pride of Ringwood and Galaxy hops bring lighter flavours like passion fruit and citrus to the palate, before that gently spiced finish.

Taste profile

Malt and hops
Balanced malt, clean and hoppy

Raise a glass

Redwood is the only beer in our range brewed with The Pride of Ringwood hop - a variety grown in Melbourne Australia, but bred from the British hop, Pride of Kent.

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