A strong, dark 19th century ale

XX Strong Ale: Draw strength from the past

A famous old saying claims ‘a recipe has no soul’ – but the formula for our XX Strong Ale is an exception to that rule. Inked by the hands of our forefathers in September 1891, this recipe is an heirloom from the Fuller’s Brew Book, rekindled for the Past Masters series.

Oldest trick in the book

The inaugural beer of our Past Masters series, XX Strong Ale represents one of the oldest recipes we’ve got on record. Naturally, a few of the ingredients have gone out of fashion since it was first brewed in the 19th century, but we went to great lengths to track them down - even commissioning the growth and malting of long-forgotten Plumage Archer barley.

Brewer's Notes

A dark, strong, special beer brewed at 7.3% ABV, XX Strong Ale pours a burnt copper colour and delivers spicy, peppery hops on the nose. The palate meanwhile is rich and complex, with signature marmalade notes and biscuit malts enriched by hints of butterscotch, toffee and pear.

Raise a glass

Delving into the oldest pages of the Brew Book revealed fascinating insights. There were beers in the 19th century brewed with no English malt at all – something many modern brewers think is innovative and new…

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