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A smooth and refreshing golden ale

Go with the flow of Oliver’s Island

The latest Fuller’s ale to make its bow, Oliver’s Island is a crisp, thirst quenching beer that draws inspiration from a local landmark. Every day, rowers glide serenely past the Griffin Brewery towards the island in the Thames - reminding us just what can be achieved by pulling together…

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Working in harmony

A real celebration of teamwork, Oliver’s Island sees a unique blend of golden malt, orange peel and floral and citrus hops come together in perfect harmony. It’s brewed to 3.8% ABV, making it the perfect pint to enjoy with your crew - and just like the rowers who inspired it, it’s a beer that glides down smoothly.

Brewer's Notes

A glorious gold colour, Oliver’s Island sets off with delicate floral and citrus aromas from those hard-working hops. On the palate, there’s distinctive biscuity, grapefruit flavour, tropical notes and refreshing zesty qualities, before the beer draws towards the line with a crisp, malty finish.

  • Bottle/Keg: 4.5%

  • Cask: 3.8%

  • International Beer Challenge 2016 Bronze, 2016

Cyclops Rating

Deep Gold
Orange, Zesty, Floral
Citrus Notes, Biscuity, Crisp

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Launched in 2015, Oliver’s Island is the first permanent addition to the Fuller’s crew of cask ales in 7 years