Made of London Spotlight: The Painter

American-born artist Jenifer Dapper caught our eye when she sent us a picture of a recent painting. We know London Pride tastes great, but it makes a decent model for Jenifer’s oil paints.

With a focus on the iconic imagery of London, we couldn’t resist asking Jenifer to put paint to paper once more with another one-of-a-king portrait of our favourite ale.

How do you typically begin a new painting?

I set up a still life subject, or use my phone to snap images. I'll put them on my iPad as reference and I'll go back and forth and turn the tonality so I can see all the tones and colours.

Have you got a favourite landmark that you’d love to paint?

I'm really drawn to London. It's a very romantic city. Every little corner. Every time I go to the city I see something new, so I always have a camera and sketchbook. It's often in the moment I'll notice things.

How does painting make you feel?

Elated. I do quite a lot of commission. I get quite nervous when I begin. When the colour goes on I really get a rush. Everything comes together.

What advice would you give aspiring artists?

Go for it! If you're wanting to learn more there are lots to know about techniques and brushes. There are some great community courses. It's so helpful to get feedback from other artists.