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Crisp, refreshing India Pale Ale

All hail the new classic

IPA. Three small letters, one huge impact on the brewing industry. For more than 200 years, IPA has been a bastion of all things big and beautiful about beer, and this new classic from Fuller’s shows the style still has a few more centuries in it yet…

Find in a Fuller's pub

Friends reunited

With India Pale Ales popular for more than 200 years, and Fuller’s brewery established for 170, this is undeniably a meeting of old minds. But far from a relic to the past, this bold and vibrant IPA is raring to go in the now.

Homegrown malts and Goldings hops combine in a beer so refreshingly, unmistakably IPA, we didn’t even have to find it a name.

Brewer's Notes

Deep gold in colour, Fuller’s IPA opens with satisfying, earthy aromas, while the palate yields intense hoppy bitterness and refreshingly crisp notes of orange and spice. Classic flavours for a classic beer.

  • Bottle/Keg: 5.3%

Cyclops Rating

Deep gold
Soft, hoppy, citrus
Dry, crisp, refreshing

Raise a Glass

Sure to stand out at the bar, IPA’s ornate design is the work of UK art collective -ilovedust- making the beer a work of art in more ways than one.