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Crisp, refreshing India Pale Ale

All hail the new classic

IPA. Three small letters, one huge impact on the brewing industry. For more than 200 years, IPA has been a bastion of all things big and beautiful about beer, and this new classic from Fuller’s shows the style still has a few more centuries in it yet…

Find in a Fuller's pub

Find It

IPA can be discovered throughout our estate of unique and contemporary pubs - find your new local.

Friends reunited

With India Pale Ales popular for more than 200 years, and Fuller’s brewery established for 170, this is undeniably a meeting of old minds. But far from a relic to the past, this bold and vibrant IPA is raring to go in the now.

Homegrown malts and Goldings hops combine in a beer so refreshingly, unmistakably IPA, we didn’t even have to find it a name.

Brewer's Notes

Deep gold in colour, Fuller’s IPA opens with satisfying, earthy aromas, while the palate yields intense hoppy bitterness and refreshingly crisp notes of orange and spice. Classic flavours for a classic beer.

Taste profile

Deep gold
Soft, hoppy, citrus
Dry, crisp, refreshing

Raise a glass

Sure to stand out at the bar, IPA’s ornate design is the work of UK art collective -ilovedust- making the beer a work of art in more ways than one.

Food Pairing

Give comfort food a hug with our IPA

Macaroni cheese: The orange, fruity and lightly toasted notes in the beer will complement and enhance the sweetness in the cheese whilst the bitterness and carbonation cuts through the creaminess and refreshes the mouth.

The three Cs method was used to match our food - compliment, cut through and contrast. To find out more click here.

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