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A classic 18th century stout

Delight in the darkness of Imperial Stout

Brewed in the authentic style of the 18th century classic, Fuller’s limited edition Imperial Stout is a darkly delicious affair – with an infusion of rose buds giving rise to hints of Turkish delight.

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Dark art

Strong, rugged and resilient, Imperial Stout was initially brewed to withstand arduous journeys to imperial Russia, where it was a favourite drop of the nobility. This Fuller’s take is still stout by name and by nature, but we’ve added a little light to the shade – the dark, bitter chocolate notes are balanced by delicate floral character.

Brewer's Notes

Rich, dark and special, Imperial Stout delivers roasted dark chocolate notes against a slightly fruity acidity. Sovereign and Centennial hops, meanwhile, bring floral flavour, enhanced by dried rose buds that hint at Turkish delight. There’s a taste of liquorice there too, ahead of a lasting finish with fairly high bitterness.

Taste profile

Dark Brown / Black
Turkish delight, rose
Liquorice, caramel

Raise a glass

This limited edition brew is a unique collaboration between brewery and beer writer. Melissa Cole brought her vast experience to the tasting table and helped us deliver a stout worth writing home about.

Food Pairing

A big beer for this classic crumble

Rich, dark and complex with distinctive Turkish delight and floral aromas. On the palate you'll get caramel, chocolate, liquorice, roasted and dark fruit flavours. The bitterness in the beer will contrast the sweetness in the crumble and layer on top of the apple fruity flavours.

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  • Water
  • Ale Yeast
  • Malts: Brown, Chocolate, Imperial, Pale, Oats
  • Hops: Centenial, Goldings, Sovereign


Per 100ml
Energy (Kcal) 91.58
Energy (KJ) 384.13
Protein (g) 0.3
Carbohydrates (g) 0.32
Bitterness (IBU) 60
ABV 10.7
This product contains Malted Barley and Oats

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