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A punchy, dry-hopped lager

Hop aboard the Galleon

Part of our Fuller’s & Friends collection, Galleon is a crisp, refreshing lager brewed in collaboration with London’s Fourpure Brewing Co. Started by brothers Dan and Tom Lowe, Fourpure is a family-founded brewery with values close to our heart - and Galleon is certainly a beer we can get on board with…

Friends of the family

Beer is best enjoyed with friends, so we invited some of our favourite brewers down to Fuller’s for a very special collaboration. The result is a family of beers as diverse and delicious as anything you’ll find in the world of brewing.

It’s a series that draws inspiration from new-world hop varieties as well as our own rich traditions. Galleon leads the fleet, with lashings of the American Loral hop bringing fruity, citrus notes to a unique and refreshing lager.


Gooseberries spring sprinter

Brewer's Notes

Galleon sets sail with a pale straw colour and a fresh aroma, before waves of floral, citrus and delicious dark-fruit flavours take hold from the Loral hop. A crisp, refreshing lager, Galleon is dry hopped for extra punch - using New Zealand’s Nelson Sauvin hop alongside Loral for intensely satisfying zesty notes.

Taste profile

Pale gold

Raise a glass

Based in South East London, Fourpure is an innovative, nimble and progressive craft brewer, exploring exciting new horizons while respecting the four key ingredients used to make beer.

Food Pairing

The perfect shipmate for Smoked Haddock & Salmon Fishcakes

This lovely light dish is the perfect complement for a crisp new-world lager - with Galleon’s floral hops a great match for the fresh dill in the fishcakes.


  • Water
  • Ale Yeast
  • Malts: Lager
  • Hops: Loral, Nelson Sauvin

Energy (Kcal)
Energy (KJ)
Protein (g)
Carbohydrates (g)
Bitterness (IBU)
ABV 4.8
This product contains Malted Barley

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