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A delicate, golden beer with tropical notes

Fall for the fruity Fool’s Gold

The perfect pick-me-up after a trying winter, Fuller’s Fools Gold is a spring seasonal to treasure. Brewed with the new Jester hop, it’s a golden, fruity ale guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Genuine refreshment

After discovering a new British hop variety known as Jester, it seemed only right to have a little fun with it. Our chief brewers did just that - holding court and coming up with Fool’s Gold. Conjuring a glittering array of tropical and citrus notes, it’s a refreshing, sessionable beer - which, contrary to its name, is very much the real deal.

Brewer's Notes

Fool’s Gold sees tropical and citrus flavours detected above malty, biscuity base notes, with dashes of grapefruit and melon coming from the hops. Floral and spicy notes come into play too, leading on to a crisp, refreshing finish and making this an ideal companion for an early-season barbecue.

  • Cask: 4%

Raise a Glass

Fool’s Gold was our very first brew with the Jester hop – a home-grown variety that’s taking on the bold, fruity hops of the USA.

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