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A winter ale brewed with spices

Spice things up with Firecracker

They say variety is the spice of life, and Firecracker certainly brings a whole new drinking experience to the bar. Brewed with a secret blend of real spices, this Gales seasonal is one to light up dark winter evenings.

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Pre-Christmas cracker

Available in November, Firecracker starts the countdown to Christmas early – using mulling spices associated with the festive period. There’s a delicate touch of cinnamon in there, and some star anise too. We could tell you the rest, but then it wouldn’t be a secret recipe any more…

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Brewer's Notes

A rich, tawny ale, Firecracker combines a blend of malts with subtle spices for a complex yet not-too-sweet palate. Soft-fruit flavours and hints of orange come from the Gales yeast, bringing the beer to a satisfying, warming finish.

Taste profile

Deep chocolate
Subtle spiciness
Warming winter spices, deep fruit

Raise a glass

A deliciously different pint, Firecracker is the first Gales beer to be brewed with real spices.

Food Pairing

Spice up your life with Fire Cracker

A dark beer with a suitably dark fruit character. There's also discernible spiciness with cinnamon and prominent nutmeg. A caramel sweetness balances the spice and, along with the dark fruit, complements the strong flavoured meat. A decent carbonation will then cut through the richness.