Brewer's Reserve No.3

A special ale, years in the making

It can take a long time for beer to mature in an old whisky cask - more than two years, in the case of Brewer’s Reserve No.3. By the time it was ready, our brewers were a little greyer, a little wiser – and adamant it was well worth the wait.

800 days and counting

Brewer’s Reserve No.3 was matured for precisely 800 days in old Auchentoshan whisky casks, but it continues to mature in flavour even now. That’s because we bottled it with a little live yeast, extending the maturation period right up until the moment it’s savoured.

Brewer's Notes

Spending so long in the cask, this ale draws delicious vanilla, warm honey and spicy ginger notes from the whisky-soaked wood. These flavours combine with a rich, malty body and pleasant sharp fruitiness to deliver a complex palate and a satisfying finish.

Food Pairing

The perfect cheesy accompaniment

A deep, fruity beer with notes of caramel, honey, vanilla and roasted nuts. Its sweet, fruity notes will complement similar flavours in various cheeses. A well carbonated beer that will perfectly cut through the body of the cheese and refresh the mouth.

Something similar

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Hidden in the cellars of Griffin Brewery, twenty fine cognac casks sat silently for a year. Inside them wasn’t brandy, but beer – Fuller’s Brewer’s Reserve No.2 – slowly but surely absorbing luxurious flavours from the solid oak surroundings.

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