The new apple of our eye

One of the most famous discoveries of all time came via a falling apple. In years to come, Cornish Orchards cider might just be seen as another great British breakthrough.

Truly great ciders don’t grow on trees (not quite, anyway), so when we discovered Cornish Orchards, made right here in the UK, we knew we’d found something special. It’s pressed with delicious West Country apples from Westnorth Manor Farm in Cornwall– and it tastes so good it’s persuaded us to break with tradition and produce something other than beer for the very first time.

Brewing is left in the capable hands of Andy Atkinson, down in the Cornish village of Duloe.

It was Andy who arrived at Westnorth Manor in 1992 as a dairy farmer before planting three orchards on his farm to encourage birds and wildlife. Soon, he had one of the county’s largest collections of apple varieties on his hands – and when life gives you apples, you make apple juice.
fullers cider cornish orchards
Hand-pressed, squeezed and labelled, Andy’s apple juices quickly sold out at local farmer's markets, and it wasn’t long before he made the successful move into cider.

Now Cornish Orchards employs more than 20 local staff, but it still uses the same traditional craft practices that made those initial juices such a success. The cider is fermented from fresh local apples, never from concentrate, and it’s triple filtered for a crisp, clean finish.

You’ll find a range of Cornish Orchards flavours in Fuller’s pubs, but Cornish Gold Cider is our leading drop. It’s immensely refreshing, with a light champagne sparkle, fruity apple notes and a long dry finish guaranteeing its status as a new Fuller’s favourite.