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Tour FAQs

Booking a tour

How do I book a tour online?

Go to our online tour booking system, follow the steps, and turn up on the day!

How do I amend my booking?

If you need to change the tour, please call us on 020 8996 2000 and we will try and accommodate you. There will be no refund for any tour / tour places cancelled less than five working days before the tour date.

Are there any admin fees?

No. There are no admin fees or hidden extra charges.

If I cannot find tours available online, is there any availability through any other channels?

If tours are not available online, this means that tour is fully booked. There are no waiting lists.

Can I book a tour on the day I plan to come to the Brewery?

You may book a tour for that same day, subject to availability.

How do I book more than one tour at a time online?

Currently, we cannot process the booking with more than one tour at a time via our online booking services. For multiple bookings, please contact the office: 020 8996 2000.

How can I ensure that my online booking has been received and confirmed?

You will receive an email upon receipt of the requested reservation. After payment has been processed, a second confirmation email will be sent. Your reservation is confirmed upon receipt of the second email.

Are there any system requirements in order to book online?

No special requirements are needed in order to book online. The Online Reservation system is developed by standard HTML. Any computer and platform (e.g. Windows, Macintosh Classic and Macintosh OS X) will provide compatible access through an online browser (e.g. Internet Explorer and Firefox).

Are there any specifications for plug-in and cookies settings?

No. Cookie settings are specific to the individual consumer. The booking system does not require cookie activation.

About the tour

How long does the tour take?

The tour takes approximately one hour followed by a tutored Beer tasting lasting around 30 minutes.

Do I get to taste Fuller’s beer?

Absolutely – you will get to taste a selection of our beers.

How do I get to Fuller's Brewery?

See our directions

Where can I park?

Unfortunately, there is no car park at the Brewery. On street metered parking can be found in the surround streets, but do be careful of high tide if parking on Chiswick Mall – it does flood.

I have mobility issues, is the tour suitable for me?

Anyone with mobility problems may find the length and pace of the tour challenging as there is a lot to fit into the visit. You are visiting a working brewery and, as such, there are no seating areas provided during the tour itself. In addition, there are several flights of stairs along the Brewery walk.

What is your charging policy for carers?

If you are registered disabled and will be accompanied by a carer then please advise at time of booking and we will waive the charge for your companion.

Do you offer tours at the weekend?

Unfortunately not, our tours currently only run Monday – Friday from 11am to 3pm.

What should I wear?

We suggest you wear comfortable shoes. No open toed shoes can be worn into the Brewery. Avoid long flowing clothing.

Can I come on the tour if I’m under 18?

Young people aged 16 and over are able to come on a non-tasting brewery tour (£7). The tasting tours are only available to those aged 18 years and over (The legal age for drinking alcohol in the UK is 18 years old). Proof of age may be required.

Can I bring babies/young children on the tour if they are accompanied by an adult?

No. The minimum age for entrance to the brewery is 16 years old (non-tasting tour). The Griffin Brewery is a working environment and there are health and safety regulations.

Can I bring more than 15 people?

Large groups will need to call us on 020 8996 2000 to arrange their tour.

Are dogs allowed in the brewery?

We do not allow pets in the brewery. However, if you have an assistance dog, please give us a ring on 020 8996 2000 to discuss your visit.

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