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Michael Turner, Chairman and an Executive Director, has advised the Company that he has ceased to have an interest in the following shares in the Company:

Beneficial /Non Beneficial

‘A’ ordinary 40p shares 139,880 /139,880

‘B’ ordinary 4p shares 2,025,785 /3,490,974

‘C’ ordinary 40p shares 392,310/ 750,517

2nd preference £1 shares 22,922 /40,192

Please note that none of these shares have been disposed of – rather they were all connected to family trusts and the shares have now passed to trust beneficiaries who are adult relatives of Mr Turner.

This announcement is made in accordance with the requirements of DTR 3.1.4.

Enquiries to:

Marie Gracie

Company Secretary

07956 559285

12 September 2012

Category: Director/PDMR Shareholding

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