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03-Sep-2007: Blocklisting Six Monthly Return

1. Name of company

Fuller, Smith & Turner P.L.C.

2. Name of scheme

Executive Share Option Scheme

3. Period of return:

From 28 February 2007 to 31 August 2007

4. Number and class of share(s) (amount of stock / debt security) not issued under scheme

769,375 ‘A’ Ordinary Shares of 40p

5. Number of shares issued / allotted under scheme during period:


6. Balance under scheme not yet issued / allotted at end of period


7. Number and class of share(s) (amount of stock / debt securities) originally listed and the date of admission;

500,000 ‘A’ Ordinary Shares of £1 (at 18.10.2000, pre re-designation)

Please confirm total number of shares in issue at the end of the period in order for us to update our records

32,178,485 (at 31.08.2007)

Enquiries: Jackie Holmes - Assistant Company Secretary - 020 8996 2115
Category: Blocklisting - Interim Review

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