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Stock Exchange announcements

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02-Dec-2011: Share Incentive Plan

The Company announces that on 2 December 2011 the following awards of shares under the Company’s Share Incentive Plan were made as set out below.

All awards are over 40p ‘A’ ordinary shares.

The closing price as at 1 Dec 2011, was £7.05 per ‘A’ share.

Name of Director (denoted with *) /Senior Manager (PDMR)

No of ‘A’ shares

A Bowen 377

J Carter 393

M Clist 410

M Dally 425

J Douglas* 425

S Emeny* 425

J Fielding 289

R H F Fuller* 425

M L Gracie 381

J Keeling 425

E Mouna 261

D Munro 425

C Simpson 379

D Spencer 299

J Swaine 425

M J Turner* 425

P Turner 316

T Williams 317


Rebecca Howes-Bolton

Company Secretarial Assistant

020 8996 2105


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