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30-Nov-2010: Director/PDMR Shareholding

Directors’ and Persons Dispensing Managerial Responsibility (“PDMR”)’s interests in ordinary shares of the Company

Fuller’s granted an award to James Douglas (a Director) under its LTIP in November 2007. This award included both listed “A” ordinary shares of 40p each and unquoted “B” ordinary shares of 4p each. Half the shares granted were changed to restricted awards in March 2010. On 19 July 2010, the Company’s Remuneration Committee determined that in accordance with the parameters of the Plan, 70 per cent of the initial awards would vest on the third anniversary of the grant.

James Douglas paid the tax on 50% of his original award in March from his own funds. The Trustee for the scheme has issued instructions to sell the shares detailed below to cover the tax due on the remaining 20% of the vested award.

‘A’ Ordinary Shares of 40p

NAME Granted Vested Restricted Shares Granted Balance Before Tax To be sold for tax & NI New Shares to be released (Nov 2010)

James Douglas 7,680 5,376 3,840 1,536 960 576

‘B’ Ordinary Shares of 4p

NAME Granted Vested Restricted Shares Granted New Shares to be released (Nov 2010)

James Douglas 19,200 13,440 9,600 3,840

Enquiries: Marie Gracie
Company Secretary
0208 996 2073
30 November 2010

Category: Director/PDMR Shareholding

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