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07-Dec-2009: Share incentive Plan

Fuller, Smith & Turner P.L.C (the Company)

Share Incentive Plan

The Company announces that on 4 December 2009 the following awards of shares
under the Company's Share Incentive Plan were made as set out below.

All awards are over 40p `A' ordinary shares.

The closing price as at 3 Dec 2009, was £5.19 per `A' share.

Name of Director (denoted with *) No of `A' shares
/Senior Manager (PDMR)

G Anderson 380

A Bowen 397

M Clist 431

M Dally 488

J Douglas* 578

S Emeny* 578

J Fielding 302

R H F Fuller 578

M L Gracie 386

J Keeling 488

E Mouna 271

D Munro 472

R J Roberts* 578

D Spencer 309

J Swaine 438

M J Turner* 578

P Turner 327

T J M Turner* 578

T Williams 332

Enquiries: Louise Miller, Assistant Company Secretary - 020 8996 2115


Category: Director/PDMR Shareholding

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