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04-Aug-2008: Director/PDMR Shareholding

Directors’ and PDMR’s interests in Ordinary Shares of the Company

Fuller’s announces that today, the Trustees of its Long Term Incentive Plan (LTIP) made a final release of shares to Directors and PDMR’s in accordance with the LTIP (grant number 5) which includes both listed “A” ordinary shares of 40p each and unquoted “B” ordinary shares of 4p each.

To facilitate the financing of the resultant tax liability arising on matched share awards, the Trustees have also sold in the market on behalf of each Director and PDMR a proportion of the “A” ordinary shares so awarded at £4.08 per share, and have, at Ms Gracie’s request, sold the remainder of her released A shares, 4233, at £4.08 per share.

The table below sets out the details:

A Bowen - A shares Sold for tax: 708 - A shares released: 2,122 - B shares released: 7,074
P A Clarke (Former Director)* - A shares Sold for tax:1,820 - A shares released: 5,460 - B shares released: 18,200
M Dally - A shares Sold for tax: 778 - A shares released: 2,332 - B shares released: 7,780
S Emeny* - A shares Sold for tax: 2,323 - A shares released: 6,967- B shares released: 23,230
R H F Fuller - A shares Sold for tax: 891 - A shares released: 2,673 - B shares released: 8,910
M L Gracie - A shares Sold for tax: 1,411 - A shares released: 0 - B shares released:14,120
J Keeling - A shares Sold for tax: 699 - A shares released: 2,095 - B shares released: 6,984
R J Roberts* - A shares Sold for tax:1,961 - A shares released: 5,883 - B shares released: 19,614
M J Turner* - A shares Sold for tax: 2,510 - A shares released:7,530 - B shares released: 25,104
T J M Turner* - A shares Sold for tax: 1,774 - A shares released: 5,320 - B shares released: 17,734

4 August 2008

Enquiries: Marie Gracie, Company Secretary, 07956 559285

Category: Director/PDMR Shareholding

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