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The aim of everyone at Fuller’s is to ensure we provide our customers with fantastic pubs and hotels in which to enjoy our outstanding cask conditioned ale, delicious fresh food, great wine and engaging customer service. We want to make sure you never visit a Fuller’s pub which is too cold, too hot or too dimly lit to be able to see your way around! However, we will also do everything we can to make sure we don’t waste any of the earth’s scarce natural resources and to do what we do in the most environmentally sensitive way we can.

We’re committed to a programme of continuous environmental improvement and to matching or exceeding the UK Government's carbon reduction targets. We do this by engaging with our staff to focus on energy, water and waste.


Over 90% of our properties now have smart meters for both electricity and gas. This allows managers to see how much energy they’re using and take steps to reduce consumption.

Our electricity consumption is down in absolute terms compared to the previous year, despite growth in the business and a more severe winter.

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We’ve undertaken a range of energy saving measures across our managed pubs and hotels. We’ve insulated every loft, installed low energy lighting and converted to low energy hand dryers in over 70% of the estate. Sensors are also being introduced to control lighting in our public lavatories.

Our new car policy has resulted in vehicle emissions which are averaging nearly 10% below the new car average for the UK.

We are delighted that our efforts to meet and exceed targets for energy efficiency and/or carbon emissions have seen Fuller’s qualify for the maximum 80% reduction on the full rate of the Climate Change Levy since 2001.

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Through a range of initiatives we have reduced water consumption at the Griffin Brewery by nearly 9% despite increasing our production.


57% of all waste generated in our managed estate is recycled - this includes all of our waste cooking oil as well as glass & cardboard.

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We will roll out food waste recycling facilities to all managed pubs during the 2011/12 financial year. In the houses already converted, recycling has reached over 90%.

At the brewery we recycle glass, packaging waste, yeast, grain and waste paper. We also dispose of all electrical equipment according to the WEEE regulations.

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