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Business Planning

At Fullerís we believe planning is key to the success of any business. We will therefore insist you present a business plan at the final interview stage for the house you are applying for. This will include research of the local area, marketing, development and financial plans for the business.

We strongly recommend that you obtain good professional advice from experts in the licensing trade such as solicitors, building surveyors, accountants and your bank manager in the preparation of this plan. We will provide you with trading history for the last three years where available, but you will need to determine the profitability of the pub yourself. In the case of houses transferring from our managed division we will provide you with the last 12 months' turnover figures. You will need to fully understand the plan you present and be prepared to discuss it along with your financial projections with the Fullerís management team.

You can either use the links below to access the template, or alternatively, write your own business plan. Please complete each section including as much detail as possible. If you need any further guidance please contact the Business Development Manager for the house or Nicole Keogan, our Recruitment Manager.

If you have Microsoft Word on your computer simply click on the word document link and save the plan to your hard drive. You can then complete it, e-mail it or print if off. If you do not have Microsoft word then use the .pdf download and fill the document in by hand. To access the .pdf document you will need to have installed Acrobat Reader, again a link is provided if you need to download it.

Download business plan (MS Word Document)

Business Plan Template PDF (PDF Document)

Download a copy of Acrobat Reader

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