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Canata Hacienda Del Rey Carmenere
Now almost exclusive to Chile the Carmenere grape is becoming popular as an alternative to Merlot. A herb and pepper aroma follows through to soft, tasty, almost minty fruit flavours and a dryish finish.

Vinedos de Canata

Considered as being the southern border of Chilean viticulture, the Bio Bio Valley is situated 500km south of Santiago on the 37th parallel. The region's climate is cooler than in the central zone and the rains are concentrated in those months when the vines are dormant.

Spring and summer are warm and dry and the effect of strong Pacific breezes is important in keeping temperatures moderate and is also a controlling factor against fungal diseases. Winter cold accumulations are high, favouring uniform bud break and a large temperature oscillation contributes to slow and balanced ripening, critical when producing highly concentrated wines with great depth of colour and fruity aromas.

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