Our history, your future

After 170 years of brewing, Fuller's has certainly learned a thing or two about developing raw ingredients into finished articles. And that applies to our people every bit as much as it applies to our beers.

So for graduates leaving university and looking to shape a successful career with an established, growing British business, there's no better place to be than Fuller's.

With a number of diverse departments at the brewery, plus a network of more than 400 pubs and hotels, there's a wealth of opportunities here right across the business. That's why we offer our Core Graduate Programme designed to develop our future leaders of the business - with our scheme, great things can happen very quickly...

Please see our Graduate Timetable below:

  • Application open 6th November to 30th December 2017
  • Telephone interviews from 18th December to 11th January 2018
  • Assessment Day to be held at Griffin Brewery 15th February 2018
  • Final Interviews 14th or 22nd March 2018
  • Start Monday 3rd September
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Graduate Development Programme

It’s a flexible two- to two-and-a-half year programme starting September 2017, designed for exceptional graduates with the passion, drive and ambition to become future leaders of our business.

Following an initial one-month induction, you’ll be given the chance to discover a range of roles across the business during a series of six-month placements.

We’ll choose the first two placements for you, one focused on the retail side of the business and the other on our beer company. After that, the rest of the programme will be tailored to your individual career goals.

You could be co-ordinating promotions in our pubs, working out distribution logistics, exploring energy efficiency in our kitchens or even applying the science of beer-brewing in the brew house itself.

You’ll learn on the job, and discover what it is you love. And whether that’s a burning ambition to be a brewer, a successful operations manager in our terrific pub business or a high-achieving marketing executive, we’ll help you make it happen.

This flexibility and variety is what makes Fuller’s Graduate Development Programme so unique - and so appealing even to those who haven’t fully decided on their career path just yet.

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The 2017 Graduate Development Programme is now closed for applications.

Graduate stories: Sam Walter

After completing a BSC Business Administration degree at Bath University, I joined the Fuller’s Graduate Programme in 2011.

Five years on, following a series of varied placements, I’m now enjoying a full-time role as Business Development Manager for a number of Fuller’s tenanted pubs.

What projects have you been involved in since joining Fuller’s?

One of my earliest roles was with Fuller’s beer company, planning for the London Olympics. Then I was with Westside Drinks, helping to launch the new Frontier lager in Fuller’s managed pubs.

I worked on the introduction of Brewer Street Coffee to Fuller’s pubs, too, before working as a National Account Executive - selling Fuller’s products into leased and tenanted pub companies.

Safe to say there’s been plenty going on here in recent years!

What it is like working at Fuller’s?

It’s a really friendly environment, with everyone working towards the same common goal - being the best in the industry. As the company is fairly small, you quickly get to know most people within the business - which is a nice feeling for new starters.

Any advice for new graduates?

Not that you need an excuse, but get out there and visit as many of our pubs as possible! This will give you a good understanding of what Fuller’s is all about.

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Graduate stories: Jenny Oates

I graduated from the University of Cambridge with a degree in Natural Sciences (Part II Geology), and joined Fuller’s Graduate Scheme in September 2013.

It was the breadth of the scheme that really appealed to me. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do for a career, and I wanted to keep my options open. Also, with a background working in pubs, I was intrigued to see the other side of the industry...

What was the course like for you?

The six-month placement rotations involve a steep learning curve, but we are well supported by training courses and regular contact with our graduate mentor and each other!

Working at Fuller’s is like a family in some ways. People are very supportive and friendly. They want you to work hard to succeed, which is really encouraging.

Even at the application stage, I remember feeling like the assessors wanted to bring out the best in us, rather than see us slip up.

What projects did you work on under the scheme?

My first placement was with the Green Team, working on energy saving projects, before I then moved on to the beer production side of the business. Next came a role working with the pubs, helping them track and achieve their targets for Christmas 2014, and after that I joined the Marketing Team - where I now have a permanent role.

What attracted you to a role in marketing?

Marketing wasn’t something I initially thought I would be interested in! But the creative aspect, the strong focus on effective communication and the variety of the projects really drew me in.

For example, in one week here recently, I ran a bar in a church, went on a photoshoot for our new keg brands in the pub, and briefed out a design for a sponsorship initiative.

When people say no two days are the same, this is what they mean!

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Graduate stories: Tom Steele

I graduated during the summer of 2015 in Economics and Spanish. I then joined Fuller’s in September that year.

What roles have you been in so far?

I spent six months in Retail Marketing, looking at digital and eCRM. I was part of a process to get to know our customers more and use data more effectively from a marketing point of view. This also included sending out emails to our subscriber database.

What types of training and development you have received?

Aside from the thoroughly in-depth induction at the start of the course I’ve had the opportunity to learn both on-the job and through formal training. A personal favourite was a course called Productivity Ninja, which shows you how to make best use of your time. I’m also in the process of joining the mentor scheme, and can’t wait to receive coaching from a member of the senior leadership team.

What are some of the projects you have been involved in?

The great thing about Fuller’s is the breadth of things you get involved in. I’ve had the opportunity to help out on a wide range of projects from helping to develop new systems, to giving feedback on new products. Be it helping out at a trade stall or partaking in beer quality tasting, there’s always an opportunity to have input.

What it is like working here?

One thing that makes Fuller’s unique is the people. There’s something special about the culture here, and there’s a genuine team mentality. It sets us apart from the rest.

Any advice you would give other graduates?

When you first start at Fuller’s you get the chance to meet so many people. You’ll get stuck in and learn the ropes from the ground up, but you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to meet with senior members of staff. Everyone is very supportive, so use this time to get to know as many people as you can.

And anything else you would like to share?

Fuller’s life does not stop at 5pm. There is so much going on in the pubs, and getting out to see this in action is really important. There’s something special about being in one of our pubs and seeing first-hand how we create memories for our customers. It’s what makes our industry so unique.

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