Take centre stage in the Fuller's story

The Griffin Brewery has been home to Fuller's since 1845, and while most of our employees now work outside of the famous gates, the brewery remains the beating heart of the business.

It's here that the magic happens. Where our iconic ales are dreamt up, artfully brewed, painstakingly perfected – then packed and distributed to a nationwide network of pubs.

Of course, that's only part of the picture. For every master brewer, there’s a marketing professional working hard to brand our new beers. For every drayman delivering our kegs and casks, there's a technician rigorously checking the quality of each brew.

In total, there are about 400 people working at the brewery - each playing their part in one of London's best-loved stories every day.

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Pride in your work

Working at the Griffin Brewery brings a whole new meaning to having Pride in your job.

London Pride is our best-selling beer with a worldwide reputation, and its success, alongside the award-winning ESB, Chiswick Bitter and the innovative Frontier, has helped Fuller's develop into the global business it is today.

Indeed, the brewery itself has become something of a tourist attraction for our legion of international fans, and it's a wonderful thing to work somewhere so revered.

You constantly get the feeling you're part of something truly special.

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Family values

A family business (London's last remaining independent family brewer, no less), Fuller's still has members of the founding families on the board.

More important than it being a family business though, Fuller's feels like a family business. It's a place where people care, and where, after a hard week's work, you can relax and socialise over a pint of our finest.

Family values mean looking after each other too. So when you work at the brewery, you can expect to earn a competitive salary, a generous holiday allowance and a whole host of other benefits.

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Great opportunities

Roles here at the brewery span across Operations (including brewing, quality control, packaging and distribution), plus Finance, IT, HR, Sales, Marketing and more.

So, there are operator roles getting beer into bottles, skilled engineering positions ensuring we're running smoothly, great graduate opportunities and senior management openings too. A varied line-up - just like the brewery has become famous for.

Whatever role you take, you'll play an integral part in our success story every day. And that's why, if anyone ever asks what the Fuller's secret ingredient is, we always tell them - it's our people.

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